Smart watches for women

Top 10 smart watches for women

If you are planning to get a smartwatch but you are confused that which one should you go for and not just that you might be confused about what exactly is smartwatch good for?

Let me tell you that you are in the perfect place as by the end of this article you will be crystal clear about if you are getting a new smartwatch or not & if you are getting one then which one it would be. Being a girl or women you might be wondering if a smartwatch is just a gadget or it can actually replace your regular watch and can be worn as a fashion accessory?

Definitely yes and to prove this we’ve added the best smart watches for women in the list below. This list has been prepared after testing dozens of smartwatches and rated on the basis of style, size, and functionality.

The best Smart watches for women

Watch Details Amazon  
Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 1Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 2

Fossil Julianna Gen 5 smartwatch

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 3Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 4

Fossil Q Venture HR Gen 4 smartwatch

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 5Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 6

Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 7Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 8

Fossil Q Jacqueline hybrid smartwatch

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 9Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 10

Fossil sports metal and silicon watch

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 11Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 12

Michael Kors Access MKGO Smartwatch

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 13Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 14

Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 15Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 16

Huawei Watch GT 2

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 17Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 18

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active SM-R500N

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Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 19Top 10 Smart watches for women in 2020 ( The best picks ) 20

Apple swatch series 5

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So let’s start with the list from watch #1

Fossil Q Venture HR Gen 4 smartwatch

fossil smart watch for womens

So. let’s talk about the design first. The design is so appealing that it has made a lot of people pick up this watch over hundreds of other smartwatches available in the market. You can choose from a lot of variants available, The variant which is shown above is the ” Rose Gold glitz/Blush ” It comes with nice blush pink leather strap & it’s really one of the best feminine looking watches out there right now. The watch is really thin because of this It is a perfect pick for a thin wrist. The strap size is around 4 and a half inches. This watch got the slot of #2 in the list of smart watches for women.

Features & Functionalities

Talking about functionality, It comes with 4gb of storage and 512mb of ram. It comes with a snapdragon wear 2100 processor, fossil claims approx. 1 Day Battery Life with 1 Hour Rapid Charger.

  • When you get any Notification, a gentle buzz lets you know right away.
  • You have endless choices in setting up your watch face.
  • like every other smartwatch, it also hasHeart-Rate Tracking
  • You can use Google Pay on it
  • Untethered GPS
  • You can use Google fit on it
  • Android and IOS smartphones, connectivity
  • It comes with wear os by Google

Now let’s talk about some points where the watch lacks or maybe it could have been better. The battery life could have been better as it just hardly fulfill the claim which the company makes about its battery life. They could have chosen snapdragon wear 3100 processor rather than 2100 as the performance would have been better with that.


  • Appealing design &Various color options
  • Google Assistant
  • Can take calls and reply to texts


  • Battery life might disappoint you ( depends on your usage )
  • You might see a little lag sometimes.

Fossil  Julianna Gen 5 smartwatch

fossil women smartwatch

The name says it all, this is the next-gen or the upgraded version of Fossil venture gen 4. So this Gen 5 Julianna smartwatch comes with new and stylish design, increased ram and storage and the most important part it has an external speaker as well. Finally, this comes with the snapdragon wear 3100 processor It has 3 color options available Rose gold, Rose Gold/Black, Rose Gold/Blush. Although the upgrade might disappoint you on the battery life as it is slightly increased that too due to other factors and not the battery itself, so that is something where it still lacks. This watch got the slot of #1 in the list of smart watches for women.

Features & Functionalities

The new processor snapdragon wears a 3100 processor provides some battery saving modes which makes a slight increase in battery life. You can switch to the time the only mode and also turn off features that you don’t need. It comes with interchangeable bands and the band size is 22mm. The screen size is around 1. 28 inches. It comes with 8gb of storage space and 1gm of ram

  • This smartwatch is POWERED WITH WEAR OS BY GOOGLE
  • Increased Battery life
  • Google Assistant + Speaker
  • Heart-Rate Tracking
  • You can use Google Pay on it
  • Swimproof
  • Android and IOS smartphones, connectivity


  • Very Stylish, lightweight design
  • Google Assistant
  • Increased storage and ram
  • external speaker
  • Good processor


  • To get more battery life you need to compromise with the functionality
  • The display seems to be a little dim ( personal opinion )

Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch

Michael Kors women smartwatch

When it comes to smart watches for women then we just can’t deny that Michael kors is the brand which is trusted and loved by a lot of women This is the new smartwatch “Sofie” in the Michael kors access series. It is more stylish than the Access Bradshaw. it looks simply beautiful with the fully circular bedazzled display and comes with a thin and sleek stainless steel strap. Michael Kors has continued its signature style. I must say that the Access Sofie is eyecatching and glitzy. So if you like glitzier watches then you can go for the Sofie as it has glitzier varients. The staps/bands can be changed easily. It comes in various colours like Gold tone, Silver, Rose gold, Gold blush, Rose/silver.

Features & Functionalities

The watch is incredibly comfortable, light-weight & thin. For those who have thin wrists might have to get the strap resized. It comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, 4gb storage and 512mb ram.

  • Lightweight and full round display
  • Change your watch face with just a swipe
  • App notifications 
  •  Google Assistant.
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Water-resistant


  • Lightweight, glitzy & eyecatching
  • Google Assistant.


  • The processor could be better
  • No GPS & NFC
  • No inbuilt speaker

Fossil Q Jacqueline hybrid smartwatch

fossil smartwatch

we have smartwatches to look at, and then we have the hybrid smartwatches to look at. Here we talk about the hybrid Fossil Q Jacqueline smartwatch which has the looks of a traditional watch with a round dial in different colors and also bands matching to it but it also has some distinct features. It has a simple elegant mesh buckle stainless steel strap design which is the high-end version and the basic version comes with a genuine leather band. Its construction is water-resistant and the design is really appealing and is different from the same looking smartwatches. There are 10 color choices in the series of which each one of them is eye candy.

features & functionality

the band is strong and the interchangeability adds to the discreteness. it’s a hybrid that makes it accessible with both android and ios. you can customize the buttons to ring your phone, play music, etc. Data of up to 2 weeks can be stored between the syncs and about 6 months of battery life.

  • gentle buzz to give notification alert.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for both android and ios.
  • No charging required.
  • Activity tracking – Distance, Steps, Calories
  • swappable bands


  • automated time updating
  • 5ATM water-resistant
  • reasonable costs
  • month-long battery life


  • limited connectivity range
  • tricky time and notification settings
  • very basic activity tracking

Fossil sports metal and silicon smartwatch

Fossil smartwatch for women

Fossil has got everything like if you are looking for smart watches for women or fitness watches for women , Fossil has got you covered. Now we have this perfectly sporty looking watch- The Fossil women’s sports metal and silicon touchscreen smartwatch which comes with durability and attractiveness and is light in weight as well. The silicon band gives an eye to the sporty design and fitness look. The dial is round with 2 customizable buttons, the button at the bottom is for google fit whereas the button at the top is for the software which allows you to set configurations. The watch proves its uniqueness with the heart rate monitor fixed at the back of the dial. What adds to it is that along with the interchangeability of the band, it’s compatible with any band size 18mm or 22mm, but I ought to say that the lime green colored strap of the watch is exceptional.

features & functionality

This watch comes with a 3100 chip Snapdragon processor, 41mm and 43mm case sizes with interchangeable straps of 18mm or 22mm width. Google wear OS is a feature that has now become common but then the fossil sport is carrying a heart rate monitor, NFC, GPS and Bluetooth as well. It also is capable of a magnetic rapid charging facility.

  • Google pay
  • Google fit
  • untethered connectivity GPS
  • Heart rate tracker
  • Bluetooth and Notifications enabled
  • 24-hour battery life and low power mode


  • NFC and Google pay
  • comfortable and lightweight
  • same price for both sizes


  • Software crashes sometimes
  • no speaker
  • sleep tracker drains the battery

Michael Kors Access MKGO Smartwatch

Michael Kors smart watch for women

This one is for the fitness freaks and sports lovers who also are a Michael Kors fan. this latest piece is a beautiful, light and easy to wear watch for the women. It’s chunky in looking and not one of those delicate smartwatches that come around. This new launch by MK again comes with a swappable strap and 3 buttons around the dial. The middle button is for scrolling through, and the other 2 can be set to shortcuts which by default are set for the Michael kors app and google fit. With a prominent display and resolution, the watch enables you to quickly have a glance. So, with a variety of colors to choose from and for a decent and first try we can give a thumbs up to MKGO as a sporty smartwatch.

features and functionality

Now, this piece comes with a 3100 Snapdragon chipset, 4GB of storage along with 512mb RAM both of which are lesser as compared to other smartwatches that are ranged equally. It is powered by wear OS, NFC for Google pay as well as a GPS and heart rate monitor. Works best with android devices and can be connected to IOS as well.

  • Google assistant enabled
  • 30 Meter water resistant
  • NFC for Google pay
  • GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • basic activity tracker

the only aspect where the watch lacks is that as compared to other smartwatches The Michael Kors access MKGO has lesser RAM, 4GB storage and no speaker at a considerable price which is the same as other comparatives.


  • lightweight
  • easily interchangeable strap
  • many fitness features


  • no speaker
  • low storage space
  • lesser RAM

Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch

Michael Kors watch

This product of Michael Kors comes with an elegant and fashionable design that’s easy to carry. it’s slimmer than the other alternatives of Michael kors watches. the runway is lightweight and a design that will blend easily with your everyday attires as it has a round dial and no glitzy gemstones. So, if you are a person who looks for accessories that are sober to go with, The access runway smartwatch is your best option. It comes with a swappable strap and 3 buttons around the dial. The middle button is for scrolling through, and the other 2 can be customized to controls in the settings. It comes in a metal bracelet and also a silicon strap variable. rose gold and silver are the case colors and the silicon band comes in pink/black color.

features and functionality

So it’s not the type of smartwatch that you know is a smartwatch, it’s a touchscreen with notifications enabled, basic activity tracking, goal and alarm settings. powered by google wear OS which can connect with both an android and ios device as well. Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity, and Low Power Mode are also placed.

  • 30 Meter Water Resistant
  • heart rate calculator
  • store and control your music
  • google assistant
  • google pay
  • swappable straps


  • High-resolution display
  • Sleek design
  • Built-in GPS
  • Fitness features


  • No processor
  • No speaker
  • Limited compatibility with ios
  • Battery works less than a day

Huawei Watch GT 2

Huawei watch

We have shared a lot of options from Fossil and Michael kors but it is not like Huawei has no smart watches for women. Now here is a smartwatch that is irresistible if you’re a watch freak. With really great features it has a mesmerizing design. It is light in weight and doesn’t look chunky on the wrist, with a prominent resolution it is sharp and bright. There are 2 buttons on the edges of the round dial, one of it is for launching health tracking and workouts and the other one to select the apps. swiping the screen downwards reveals features like do not disturb, find my phone, etc and swiping upwards is to look for notifications. The watch display has a 3D Glass Screen which adds to the classy look. it has 2 unique strap colors namely the sunset orange and the pebble brown out of which the brown is my personal choice to go head over heels.

features and functionality

The Huawei Watch GT 2 uses the kirin A-1 Chipset which is homegrown, has power-saving technology with 2GB of RAM and 4GB of storage but only 2.2 of it is usable. It offers built-in GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. Both Android and ios devices are compatible with this masterpiece. It uses Huawei’s own lite OS.

  • Mono speaker and microphone
  • gyroscope, accelerometer
  • heart rate meter -accurate TruSeen 3.5
  • light, and air pressure
  • compass
  • 50m water resistant
  • Sleep and Stress tracking


  • Great battery life- up to 2 weeks
  • excellent fitness tracking
  • attractive and classy design
  • Store up to 500 songs


  • 2.2/4 GB is usable
  • No NFC usage
  • No third-party apps supported

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active SM-R500N

samsung galaxy watch

And here Samsung enters the list of top smart watches for women with the galaxy watch active This one is different from the other Samsung watches which are more masculine, traditional and have chunky bezels. this Samsung smartwatch comes with a comfortable soft silicone band which sometimes may come to look as fiddly and not neat. the watch is a touchscreen and has 2 buttons. the only thing lacking is the rotating bezel. The display is sharp and brightness is greatly adjusting with the eyes. altogether the design is not rugged and chunky rather it’s decent and suits all age groups from teenagers to old people! comes in beautiful colors that are rose gold, black, silver and green.

features and functionality

The watch uses a 1.15GHz Exynos 9110 chipset .the Active lets you store music and connects to Bluetooth headphones directly which is impressive. It comes with 768MB RAM and 4GB Space out of which you end up with only 1.5 that is usable. this smartwatch has a mic and comes with a Bixby assistant. speech recognition has good feedback being on the Active. again, this one is capable of NFC That enables Samsung to pay services on your smartwatch.

  • Auto workout tracking
  • stress and sleep monitoring
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Bluetooth facility
  • connectivity with Android and iOS both
  • Touch screen compatible with Samsung auto-pay
  • heart rate and blood pressure monitor


  • great activity tracking
  • Sharp and bright screen
  • NFC enables Samsung Pay
  • water and dust resistant


  • Not so good Battery Life
  • Non-Rotating Bezel
  • Few useful apps

Apple swatch series 5

apple watch

No apple haven’t got the last spot in the list of top 10 smart watches for women, Just because apple watches comes in a different league we can not compare smartwatches and apple watches and if you are going for apple watch then it is all clear you just need to select from 3 series.The apple series 5 watch is not much different than the series 4 watch, it’s really identical. It comes in the same size variants that are 40mm and 44mm. The display is a touchscreen and it offers a digital crown, The main tasks at hand of an apple watch are health monitoring and receiving notifications of messages when traveling, without having to check your phone. The new series comes with 2 different materials that are titanium and ceramic. The titanium is offered in a silver (natural look in sunlight) and space black (more of masculine and edgy). The ceramic version comes in a polished white color that is such an eye-catcher. Also, Apple has launched the news Hermes and Nike versions in series 5 of the watch.

features and functionality

Series 5 uses the 64-bit dual-core S5 processor. The coolest features that are placed in this watch are the ECG app- electrical heart sensor, 2nd Gen Optical heart sensor, fall detection, digital crown with haptic and many more. This series has a really appealing feature for women that is the Cycle tracking app. it obviously tells you time and helps you stay connected to your close ones even when your phone is away.  

  • Cycle tracking app
  • apple pay accessible
  • Apps download through the apple store
  • compass and ground elevation
  • apple music Great athletic advises and activity tracking
  • New noise app
  • New watch faces introduced with WatchOS 6
  • Heart rate tracker


  • Great retina display
  • Accurate workout tracking
  • Watch0S 6 Features
  • ECG app is great


  • Expensive
  • lacks sleep tracking
  • always-on display affects battery life

Top 7 Reasons why you must get a smartwatch for yourself

So, we have covered the top 10 smart watches for women in 2020 above and now I would like to help you in finalizing your decision of getting a smartwatch for yourself by sharing the 9 biggest advantages of having one. ( If you have made a decision to get one & already know about the 9 big advantages but only confused about which one to go for then you can just skip to the list of smart watches for women above. )

  • Smartwatches don’t just tell the time

There are only two reasons we prefer to wear a watch which is functional ( checking the time on it ) and the 2nd one is, of course, it’s fashionable. Do we really check the time on a watch in 2020? we have smartphones for that right, but here comes the savior of the watch community, the ” Smart Watches ” it does the basic job of telling time but with that, it offers almost all the things which a smartphone offers and some features are even better than a smartphone which is listed below.

  • It will silently guide you on the road.

Now you don’t have to look at the google map constantly on your smartphone because your smartwatch will do the job for you. Some smartwatches have this amazing feature of delivering different vibrations to your wrist to guide you whether you need to take a right turn or left turn while you are on the road following directions. A “silent guide” isn’t it amazing?

  • It will keep you fit.

It will burn your fat even if you are sitting on a couch. I wish we get this feature in the future but for now, we need to do it ourselves but a smartwatch will help you track your fitness goals. it can count steps, calories, distance, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep, and some other metrics as well. Should we write an extensive article on how smart watches for women can make them fit or keep them in a good shape ? what do you think let us know in the comments below.

  • Take calls and reply to messages on the go.

Let your phone stay in your pockets & use your new smartwatch ( which you are going to buy now ) to take calls and reply to messages on the go.

  • Don’t worry Social media is also there.

we use phones for social media even more than we use it for calling so you might be worried that will you be able to access the social media from your smartwatch and the answer is yes. Some smartwatches will simply show you the social media ( Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc ) notifications and others might let you use it as well.

  • Lives longer than your phone

Some smartwatches have up to 10 days of battery life on a single full charge. Yes, you read it right, some smartwatches have a very powerful battery.

  • Now wear your entertainment

Watch your favourite youtube video or listen to your jam on the go. Yes, your smartwatch can perform all these things for you.

How we came up with this list of top 10 smart watches for women

We have personally tested each and every watch listed above, on the basis of a lot of metrics we selected these watches out of hundreds of options available in the market. From the designing aspect, we compared the thickness of the watch and strap length and ofcourse the overall appearance. These are the ones that stand out, has a subtle and stylish design. All the ladies in the team worked hard in Selecting the best smart watches for women.

On the basis of reviews.

Ofcourse we can be partial about things according to our choice and that is why we took reviews from a lot of other users who have bought these watches. So after going through the reviews, we got to know about the features which the users liked the most and also about the things where these watches lack Because we were finding the smart watches for women so we took all the reviews from ladies about design and functionality.

on the basis of Specification

Whether you are buying smart watches for women or men, specification is something which will be common This includes the storage, processor, battery and all the technicalities, Battery life is an important factor to consider while getting a new watch for your self and we have tested these watches and listed their actual battery lives not the one which companies claim. Next important factor is speed because if we get a laggy experience even after paying a good amount for the watch, it will be really disappointed so we have mentioned above that how the watch performs and if it could be better. Select

100% unbiased list

Most of the portals you’ll get to see will be either sponsored to promote a particular company’s watch or anyhow getting paid for that by the company but the list we have shown above is 100% unbiased as we are not getting paid by any company for promoting their watch, I hereby confirm that every positive and negative point is listed with the watches and you can trust the data and make your final decision.

SO by now, i believe you must be clear about which watch you are getting for yourself. Even i am very excited to know about which one you opted for so, please let us know as well in the comment section below


Although the major part of the list of smart watches for women is covered by Fossil and Michael Kors but it is not like Samsung or other companies don’t have different variants of smart watches for women specifically, You might find the same in the list of some other portals but after our testing and researches, surveys and feedback from a lot of women using smartwatches, we came up with this list. If you are an apple fan then there’s no confusion you can just select the watch according to your budget, apple has discontinued series 4 though but it is available in the market. Currently apple is only manufacturing the apple watch series 3 and the latest series 5 To clear it again i would like to mention that we have not kept the apple watch series 5 on the last spot of the list of smart watches for women, it is just because apple uses a totally different platform and if you were an apple fan then you might not be looking for best women smartwatches on the internet.

What exactly a smartwatch is?

You can call it a wearable computer. When it comes to design it is just like your normal wristwatch and you have different designs to choose from, whichever suits your attire but when it comes to functionality it is no less than a smartphone, even though it can not completely replace a smartphone. In simple words, if i say, it is something which provides you easy and more convenient access to your smartphone’s functions like you can take your calls, check notifications and reply to it and play music or you can even use navigation and much more without taking out your smartphone from your pocket so in simple words it is an easily accessible smartphone in a form of wristwatch if that makes sense. Other than that it comes with a lot of fitness-focused features. So the smartwatches come in two variants mainly, one which needs to be connected with your smartphone to become fully functional and the other one comes with an e sim and it is fully functional without your smartphone you can even leave your phone at home and just go with your cellular smartwatch and make and receive calls.

I can get deep into the technicalities but that will make it long and boring for a lot of people so if you are someone who wants to know about the evolution of smartwatches or how it came into existence and what hardware and software are used in it you can go through some sources such as Wikipedia.

How does a smartwatch work?

Yes i know i just said above to check all these technical details on Wikipedia but i would be able to give a more personal opinion on some features and functionality and i think you won’t be looking for more than that, Y9ou think smartwatches came into existence a few years back? You will be shocked to know that the first Kinda smartwatch was released in 1984 which was Microsoft’s UC-2000

Microsoft's UC-2000

This is how it used to look, Don’t you think the shape of apple watch is inspired by this? although there were no special smart watches for women or men, this is all we had that time You can read more about the functionality of this watch here

Now let’s get back into 2020, So how a smartwatch works are basically it shrinks your smartphone features in the form of a wristwatch. We have a lot of options available in the market now like there are apple watches that work on a different platform which is Watch OS and then there are Samsung and other popular brands. We have different smart watches for women and men. All of these functions, in the same way, the only difference is hardware and software according to the budget similar to smartphones the more you pay the more specifications you get.

If you don’t get the cellular one then this is just a supportive device to your smartphone. before you go and get a smartwatch for yourself i would suggest you to go through the list of top fitness watches for womens, you will get to know about the difference and also you will be clear about which is a better pick for you.

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